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EXALEAD makes it a point of honor to respect the privacy of its users, guaranteeing the privacy of your personal data and information.

EXALEAD endeavours to respect a user data protection agreement, which is detailed on this page as our "privacy agreement". The contents of this agreement were written in conformance with law number 78-17 of January 6, 1978, and with the modifications to this law made in 2004.

This agreement applies to the following Internet domains:,, and as well as to all of the products and services offered by EXALEAD.

The user data protection agreement implemented by EXALEAD answers these questions:

Please take the time to read this agreement, and do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Personal Data Collection

EXALEAD collects personal data while creating your EXALEAD account and while your are using EXALEAD products and services.

When you create an EXALEAD account, we remind you that it is important that you remember your password, question and response, and that you keep this information secret. This information determines your right to use the account. Do not share this information with anyone, including EXALEAD.

For example, when you open an account allowing you to access certain services, we ask you to give us certain data (name, e-mail address, birth date, gender, zip code, profession and field of work) in order to optimize your use of the EXALEAD site services. Therefore, upon entering the site for the first time, you are no longer anonymous.

Certain data that we request from you are obligatory in order to access certain products and services or to participate in certain events.

EXALEAD may also receive personal data about you from our business partners, who must guarantee that they are authorized to give us said information.

EXALEAD is authorized to place cookies on your computer hard drive. Please see the section below entitled "Cookies" for further information.

We particularly draw the attention of parents to their children's use of the Internet. We recommend that parents take care to assure that their children do not fill out forms on-line and communicate personal data without their prior knowledge and consent.

Use of Personal Data

EXALEAD uses these data for four purposes:

Certain information may be stored (and rendered anonymous) in order to optimize your use of the EXALEAD search engine. We also use anonymous data for our research and internal statistics.

Storage of Personal Data

Your personal data are retained by EXALEAD throughout the duration of your account usage. If you delete your account, your information is stored for 90 days from the day that you request removal of your account. This is necessary in order to guarantee the security of this data and to prohibit certain users from exploiting them with malicious or untoward intent.


Cookies are small text files that serve to record information about a site visitor or about their use of the site. EXALEAD uses cookies to improve our search service.

By default, most web browsers are configured to accept cookies. However, you may block cookies by configuring your web browser’s options or preferences or by using a special program.

You can also delete cookies from your computer. To do so, refer to your browser’s help documentation.

We do not use cookies to spy on your Internet activity in any way or for any reasons other than those explained above.

Any click on an advertisement generated on the EXALEAD site may cause a cookie to be set on your PC. In this case, we advise you to learn about the privacy conditions of the third party sites. EXALEAD denies all responsibility in this case.

Connection Logs

Each time that you call upon our services, our servers automatically record the connection data sent by your browser. These server connection logs may contain data such as your web search, your IP address, your browser type and language, the time and date of your connection, and one or more cookies allowing identification of your browser. This method allows us to offer you the best possible service by remembering your preferences. As a result, you will not have to configure your preferences each time you use the EXALEAD search engine.

Sharing and Divulging Personal Data

In no case will EXALEAD share or divulge your personal data with a third party without your authorization.

These data may be shared:

Personal Data Security

EXALEAD takes care to protect your personal data against any form of damage, loss, diversion, intrusion, disclosure, deterioration or destruction.

As a security measure, when you subscribe to an EXALEAD service, your personal data are password protected.

EXALEAD employees who, because of their function, would have access to your personal data are engaged with the greatest privacy in this respect.

The physical and electronic security procedures for data collected on our site are implemented according to French laws in effect relative to personal data.

Modification of Personal Data

EXALEAD informs you that you have a general right to access, correct and remove the entirety of your personal data collected under your use of the EXALEAD services.

You will have direct online access to all of your personal data. You can at any time modify this information or delete your account online on the "My Account" page.

Improvement of the EXALEAD Privacy Agreement

The EXALEAD privacy agreement may be modified at any time. We advise you to check this page frequently in order to keep abreast of any modifications. We maintain the date at the top of the page in order to easily identify the most recent version.

Questions, Suggestions, Contact

To send us a comment about this privacy agreement or any other subject regarding our services and policies, please fill out our contact form.

We thank you for your interest in EXALEAD.